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Technical & theoretical aspects of RC yacht racing

Updated November 2020

I'm interested in radio-controlled racing yachts, in particular the International One Metre (IOM) class, where I campaign a Pikanto.  When times permit, I'm also sailing in the 6M class with a fine wooden hulled Ravenna, in the Marblehead class with a previously well-maintained Quark, and in the 10R class with Graham Bantock's venerable Puzzle.  I took up vane sailing for a while in the A Class and 36R, so if anyone needs a crew, I'd be happy to oblige.  For some years I campaigned an Italiko IOM, and before that an Ikon.  Until recently I also campaigned a Sword A Class.

My "Bakers Dozen" A Class, built by Graham Bantock in Kevlar to Roger Stollery's design from 1983 and the RA National Champion of that year, has gone to a good home in Norway, courtesy of yvin Halle.

This site is aimed at technical and theoretical aspects of RC yacht racing. In particular, it has a number of spreadsheets to download. Although aimed at the IOM, they should be useful for any non-rotating fractional Bermuda sloop rig.

These pages are intended for educational purposes.
My education particularly (smile), but I hope you find them useful too.
If you'd like to reprint, copy, or link to anything, go ahead,
but do please attribute my words, diagrams, photos,
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If you'd like to use anything for gain or commercial purposes, we must talk.
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Site news & other interest

November 2020:  David Kender has kindly provided four updated spreadsheets (Armwinch, Drums, Jibstay, and PoorVPP) with macros that work with more recent versions of Excel.

Site content

The material is classified into the three major headings of Design, Build, and Race.  Anything not fitting that scheme goes into Other Topics (except for Links and Reports which have a place on the main navigation bar).

Under Design are pages on How a yacht works, How aerofoils work, Where lift comes from, How fins and sails work, Appendage design, Hull design, Sails and rigging design, and The boat as a whole.

Under Build are pages on Hull, Fin & rudder, Bulb, Sails, Rigs & fittings, R/C, and Finishing off.

Under Race are pages on Preparation (Boat speed, Avoiding errors, Strategy), During the regatta (including topics on the racing rules), In the race (Boat speed, Avoiding errors, Tactics), and Performance improvement.

Other Topics include pages on International RC racing, Classes, Sailing venues, Event management, Event scoring, Observing, Ancillary equipment, Bulb calculator, Plans, References & book list, Alphard picnic units, Photography, and Terminology.

Commercial stuff

I've developed sticky-backed gauges that can be purchased from SAILSetc.
I publish Larry Robinson's booklet on making model yacht sails using blocks, also available from SAILSetc.
I've manufactured a Limited Edition adjustable spreader that, until stock runs out, can be purchased from SAILSetc.


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Some site statistics instead: approx 300 pages, 2400 images, 40 spreadsheets...

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