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Last updated August 2012.

Official organisations

  • The UK MYA site has the events calendar for the UK and the current national ranking positions.
  • IRSA is the radio sailing international authority for scoring systems, class rules, sailing instructions, regatta management, and so on. (*)
  • ISAF is sailing's international organisation for the racing rules of sailing, the equipment rules, regulations concerning international class associations and the recognition of International yacht classes, and so on.
  • IOMICA is the official class association for the IOM. Its Web site gives key information about the class and its international class association, documents, and links to national class associations.
  • The AMYA publishes 'Model Yachting' quarterly, a superb publication the envy of the model yachting world.


  • Ken Binks runs K.Bits.., offering his great wealth of RC experience to go with sales of RC gear and fittings. His site has useful tips on RC gear.
  • I use RMG winches with SAILSetc sails.  The SAILSetc site has a useful FAQs page for both the newcomer and the established skipper.
  • Model fixings provides radio control modellers with a source of 'engineering parts' (UK).


  • IOMICA runs an IOM Forum as a discussion group. Why not join it if you are an IOM owner?  Hear official, semi-official, and unofficial news and opinions, and offer your own.
  • Serious technical discussion at the Boat Design forum oriented towards full-size.


  • Anders Wallin's Web site is comprehensive and up to date.
  • The IOM Compendium pages are now dated, unfortunately, (aka Duck Soup) but have stuff of interest to all.
  • Alan Tong's site is a huge compendium of hobby, model & RC Web links.
  • Bob Wells (wellsonisland at comcast dot net, of Robinson & Wells, Optimising the EC-12 fame) publishes a club newsletter.  Well, calling it a club newsletter is a little like calling the New York Times a local community news sheet.  So, a must-subscribe if you have any interest in reason and evidence to accompany your sailing, particularly IOM racing.  Past issues available here: .


  • The Vintage Model Yacht Group has a very nicely presented Web site.
  • Martin Hepperle's site is a must-browse if you are interested in aerodynamics.  And he has the definitive history of the Cox engines that I loved as a kid.
  • The WB Sails site, although aimed at dinghies and "big boats", has much to interest the model racing skipper.
  • Lots of aerodynamics links at Prof Selig's page. Follow up on Ken Blackburn's superb site for paper planes at least!
  • UK Sailmakers have some delightful software. Give it your (digital) sail photo and it reports the vital statistics: camber, position of maximum draft, relative twist. I show the software in use on my "Measuring sail photos" page.
  • Traplet publishes Marine Modelling International. Previously edited by Chris Jackson, it usually devotes 4 pages per issue to RC yachts.
  • Instructions for the SAILSetc gauges.


These are links that catch my attention. They'll change from time to time as I find new sites to feature and old sites to retire.

  • Dario Valenza's Web site has been overhauled.  Very nice design, and the boats don't look bad either....
  • At Cape Town, many years ago, Angelo Lavranos very kindly sketched me a beautiful Marblehead design. I failed miserably to make a go of it because of my poor building skills, while Angelo has gone from strength to strength as a "real" yacht designer. He has a Web page.
  • US Vintage sailing, a very fine Web site.
  • The Amateur Yacht Research Society (AYRS).



(*) The International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA) says that it "represents" the Marblehead, Ten Rater and A Classes.  In fact, it acts as the Class Association for these classes.

Sadly, IRSA also claims that it "awards World, Regional and International Championships for our International Classes".  In fact, IOMICA as the IOM International Class Association "awards" IOM Championships under a separate agreement with IRSA.

On the run

Well, it was a good start, at least...

On a broad reach in B rig

Drifting:  you can see the large wind gradient

Yup, she's OK...


2018 Lester Gilbert