RRS quiz: On the run

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[This page first appeared on the Cinque Ports Model Yacht Club site.]

Blue, Yellow, and Green are running. Blue is a slower boat, but had a good start. Yellow and Green have caught up. Click on the button to show the incident, answer some background questions on the right, and then scroll down to see what you think.


At the start of the sequence, the boat(s) on starboard are:
At the times the boats were overlapped during the run:

Here are some issues. Make up your mind about each statement, and then click on the letter to see what we think.

When Blue gybed to port, she lost her rights entering the zone.
Blue was not sailing her proper course.
Green had no right to round the mark in front of Blue.
Blue managed to break Yellow's overlap with her manoeuvre.


2018 Lester Gilbert